Marco Fantini embodies the quintessence of the inspirational artist for us.

A visionary, a fantasist who’s art can be extremely direct and striking but also quite complex, painful to interpret. His paintings have been used as a cover for the Apparel B-Day 10 double vinyl and celebratory book and, other…

Enjoy a special selection of all the best premieres we released, in March, on our channel!


Bomat — Doing All Right [Nervous Records]
Sune — Manni Giovanni [Mostly Cozy]
Alex Rymarz & Prov — The Pine Stays Green [Cold Brew Records]
Liam De Bruin — Friday Evening [Heard and Felt]
MEOWHAT — What Russian [Slutty Prty]
Opprefish — Lean Waves [Fantin Zoo Records]
Ruff Stuff — Daily Routine [Step Recordings]
Kid Claude — Plugman Ft. MonkeyHand [Virtual Ground]
Tryst — Dissolve [Hiyasu Cuts]
CD Rom — Avenue Des Arts [Label Affaire Records]
MEC! — Circé [Dope Tones Records]
HATT.D — A Rainy Sunday Afternoon [GLBDOM]

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Apparel Music B-Day 6

Originally founded by KiSk back in 2009 — Apparel Music set out to offer something truly singular in focusing their musical output predominately on Jazz whilst venturing into its integration across the landscape of Electronic Music at the time.With a zealous release schedule, they racked up a healthy collection of EPs between 2010–2015 from artists such as Delano Smith, SCSI-9, Sarp Yilmaz and the label owner himself amongst many others.

Apparel Music

Apparel Music is an internationally distributed record label with a “Jazzy” sound.

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