Bomat — Doing All Right [Nervous Records]
Sune — Manni Giovanni [Mostly Cozy]
Alex Rymarz & Prov — The Pine Stays Green [Cold Brew Records]
Liam De Bruin — Friday Evening [Heard and Felt]
MEOWHAT — What Russian [Slutty Prty]
Opprefish — Lean Waves [Fantin Zoo Records]
Ruff Stuff — Daily Routine [Step Recordings]
Kid Claude — Plugman Ft. MonkeyHand [Virtual Ground]
Tryst — Dissolve [Hiyasu Cuts]
CD Rom — Avenue Des Arts [Label Affaire Records]
MEC! — Circé [Dope Tones Records]
HATT.D — A Rainy Sunday Afternoon [GLBDOM]

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