Marco Fantini

Marco Fantini embodies the quintessence of the inspirational artist for us.

A visionary, a fantasist who’s art can be extremely direct and striking but also quite complex, painful to interpret. His paintings have been used as a cover for the Apparel B-Day 10 double vinyl and celebratory book and, other than being immensely grateful to him, we’re sure that such a body of work wouldn’t have been so successful without the help of his art.

For all these reasons we’re overjoyed to present you his page on the Apparel Wall. Thanks Marco.

Marco Fantini was born in 1965 in Vicenza, Italy.

In 1983 he attended the Faculty of Architecture at University of Venice following Italo Zannier’s photography courses among others. Influenced by Diane Arbus’ works he started a personal research concentrating on themes of diversity and alienation.

In 1989 Marco Fantini traveled to Mexico where he spent 2 years working in Enrique Norten’s architectural studio, and studying Mexican muralist painting.

His first oil paintings date back to this period. In the lastest years he has worked also in video installation and sculpture projects. Lives and works between Vietnam and Italy.



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“Marco Fantini offers an alternate view on paranoia that does not rely on the viewer’s unconscious projection of experience. He suggests it is generated by the artist’s wilful submission to the associative power of the psyche. Paranoid and suspicious about his own conscious state of reality, Fantini plays the artist as illusionist, charlatan and trickster, challenging a literal reading of his work within conventional psychoanalysis. In the artworks of Fantini, representational images engaged through the mediums of painting and moving image and often have more than one dominant interpretation.”

Stephen Danzig

Apparel Music ‘Birthday 10’ by Marco Fantini

In the special occasion of our 10th birthday we wanted to make something to create something really memorable, bringing together in two vinyl some of the most in uential artists who took part in the making of our history and some new ones, yet prominent and successful, to the family.

A very special and important mention for the artist and friend of the AM’s clan Marco Fantini who blessed us with the chance of choosing amongst some of his stunning artworks for the covers of the record. Each production, indeed, has a different and dedicated piece that reflects the mood of the track. Thanks Marco for having such an important role in this creative process!

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